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HEADER DESIGN INFOPAK - 2 Catalogs, Header Design Talk (CD or tape), etc.


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Many have told us that this is absolutely the BEST header information that they have ever obtained.  By reading the information contained as well as listening to the CD or Cassette Tape, they have said that they had gained an amazing amount of header knowledge and an understanding about header design they never had before.  Sometimes, having already read car magazines and various other automotive books for years, they wondered why NOBODY ELSE had ever brought up some of these subjects or why others had never discussed many of these subjects in detail before.  Many have also said that this was the first time they had ever really realized how important header design was.


The INFOPAK has value to different people in a number of different ways - each dependent on what they might be trying to accomplish.  Here are some of the comments we've heard over the years:

  • Getting objective discussion (as opposed to marketing B.S.) helped them see everything more clearly. 

  • It helped them make sense of things they had been observing for years yet, because nobody was talking about these things, they always wondered what was going on.  (For example, continually witnessing situations where headers were switched and the larger header didn't work or even slowed the car down OR where a smaller header was put on a car and the car was obviously faster than it was with the larger header - yet hearing guys talking about these situations as one guy just being "lucky" - or another as having "bad luck").

  • The charts included in the INFOPAK made them realize that the tube size they had thought would be a good choice would actually be a bad choice.  In some cases they realized that not only would a smaller header be a better choice for their "performance" situation, it would also be cheaper so the purchase of the INFOPAK actually saved them money (sometimes hundreds of dollars) as well as helped them further improve the performance of their vehicle. 

  • Sometimes the INFOPAK prevents a really "stupid" mistake.  (One customer said that, in a number of places he was led to believe that a 2 1/8" header would be the best choice for his 450 HP big block Chev engine.  After reading the INFOPAK information he figured out that his "tube size of choice" would have probably killed about 20-25% of his engine's midrange power!)

  • For somebody having to build a set of headers, the INFOPAK information gave him the confidence that he was going to be able to do a REALLY good job - that all of the work and expense involved would not only result in a much better performing vehicle but the "risks" of "screwing things up" were essentially eliminated!

Looking at the picture above (which shows all of the Header Design INFOPAK contents):

  • Upper left hand corner - Header Dyno Test article in Chevy High Performance magazine where eight headers and a factory exhaust manifold were compared.  The header we sent to be tested/compared produced as much as a 50 lb-ft torque increase over several other headers in the mid-range and beat a block-hugger style header by as much as 74 lb-ft!  The article was better than most header articles we've read but had errors and misleading comments.  The pink sheet is OUR comments on the contents of the article as to our disagreements with what was said as well as discussing parts we constructed for the article that were never tested.  We also point out that the engine used in the test was NOT the engine we were told was going to be used (it put out 100+ more HP!).  The green sheet contains 3 charts that represent the data points in the graphs that are appeared in the article.  The graphs that appeared in the article are actually close to useless because they are so hard to use.  For example, the header we supplied beat a Tri-Y header supplied by another company in the mid-range by as much as 33 lb-ft of torque but because the two tests were in two different graphs you wouldn't know how much better our header performed!  In fact, the reason why this chart exists is because we HAD to convert the article's graphical data to numerical data so that we could see how our the headers compared to the other headers.  Because of the way the test results were displayed graphically, we doubt that ANYBODY reading the article really could have understood how the headers actually compared!  We had the article reprinted because it does make us look good but when accompanied by our two extra sheets it does show what a well designed header can accomplish and also establishes how important header design can be (unless you think a 50+lb-ft torque increase in the mid-range ISN'T important!).

  • Lower left hand corner - Header Parts Catalog.  Catalog has 16 pages with the last five pages dedicated to construction and design tips - VERY IMPORTANT to anybody considering building a set of headers.  There are also additional header tips, etc. scattered throughout the catalog.  There is also an additional sheet "Build Headers BETTER than ANY You Can Buy".

  • Center column - Header Catalog.  Discussions of various kinds:

    • Advantages of a welded header compared to a bent header

    • A flyer we handed out at the drag strip well over 30 years ago as to why we would GUARANTEE a performance gain over another brand of headers

    • Two dyno test sheets - one dealing with dyno testing issues and another involving a test that appeared in two magazines that had math errors over 75%!  WOW!

    • Discussion of testing issues relative to Tri-Y headers and 4 tube headers

    • Vertical Exit Header discussion

    • Header Quality

    • reprint of letter we sent to a writer that was writing a book on small block Chev engines and had solicited our advice, pictures, feedback, etc.  Interesting to read his comments on headers not always working and the pressure being put on him to take those comments out of the book. 

    • AMC header sheet we prepared a number of years ago for a American Motors Owners convention.  While the sheet describes in detail the merits of this particular header, we think its interesting to most anyone due to the DETAILS of good design (ergonometric, quality, as well as performance) it covers.  (Not many of these left.)

    • Merits of Equal Length Header Designs and also the advantages of designing and building headers on a custom basis (as opposed to manufacturing headers in quantity).

    • Miscellaneous Discussions of a smaller nature

  • Upper right hand column - offset to right.  Jet Hot Coatings' product brochure and coupon for 10% off when you send your headers to them to be coated.  This coupon's value exceeds the cost of the INFOPAK which means the INFOPAK costs you nothing if you have Jet Hot coat your headers.

  • Upper right hand column lower - offset to left.  Order Blank and Header Questionnaire (for those wanting to take advantage of our Header Design Advice Service).

  • Lower right hand column - offset to left.  Header Design Talk (by "ED") on CD or Cassette.  About 80 minutes in length - learn about header design while you drive to work!  Over 4,000 CDs and Tapes sold since introduced in 1995.

  • Lower right hand column - higher and offset to right.  Two charts that accompany either the CD or Cassette Header Design Talk.  The two charts are discussed in the TALK and (1) help you better understand how important tube and collector sizing can be and (2) help you make reasonably accurate selections of tube and collector diameters.




UNITED STATES:  The cost of the Header Design INFOPAK is $26.95 when sent by USPS First Class Mail anywhere in the United States and its territories.  Add $3.00 if you would like the INFOPAK sent to these same places by USPS Priority Mail (faster delivery + priority handling in our office).  If you would like an extra CD or Audio Tape sent with the InfoPak, add $11.95.


CANADA & MEXICO:  The cost of the Header Design INFOPAK is $28.95 which includes air mail delivery (ground delivery seems to be very slow).  If you want faster shipment, USPS GLOBAL PRIORITY MAIL DELIVERY raises the cost of the INFOPAK to $43.95.  If you would like an extra CD or Audio Tape sent with the InfoPak, add $11.95.  (The cost of GLOBAL PRIORITY MAIL went up $7 in 2013!)


OTHER COUNTRIES:  Sending the Header Design INFOPAK by surface mail (1-2 weeks delivery time) costs $33.95.  For faster delivery, add $14.00 for a total of $47.95 which includes USPS GLOBAL PRIORITY MAIL DELIVERYIf you would like an extra CD or Audio Tape sent with the InfoPak, add $11.95.  (The cost of GLOBAL PRIORITY MAIL went up $7 in 2013!)


Payment:  Email, phone, FAX or letter, we accept payment by VISA and MasterCard ONLY.


Ordering:  Right now order by Email (; Phone (612-729-2802 with Phone Order Hours usually between 1 and 5 PM Monday through Thursday unless mentioned otherwise on the Home page); FAX (612-729-5638); or Letter.  At some time in the future you will be able to order the INFOPAK directly off this website.



What a few INFOPAK purchasers/users have said:



Recently we received a letter from a fellow in McHenry, Illinois who purchased an earlier Header INFOPAK. Here are some of his comments:

Dear Ed,

           This letter is just a thank you for all the information and the education I received from your catalog, ... sheets, and cassette tape.  I have read the printed material several times and listened to the tape at least a dozen times....  I must tell you my eyes have been wide opened (sic), most of what I see in magazines is so far off, I cannot believe it.  Some of what I saw as a good idea couldn't be farther from the truth!  I am a Ford fan, so Ford items I follow closely.  Shorty Mustang headers with ball end collectors to mate with stock exhaust, shock me the most. What a comedy of errors!

Here is another letter we received regarding our Header Design INFOPAK:

Dear Ed,

           I have thrice reviewed the information you sent and am beyond finding suitable and meaningful words to compliment the common sense therein.  I am ENJOYING THE LITERATURE!  We just started your audio tape this morning on our way to the office.  My wife is enthusiastic as she relates to my approval of anyone/anything by supporting my decisions on those lines.  She is very intelligent and always open to new ideas without prejudice.  I want to do business with you.  I intend to tell all my club members about one "Mr. Ed Henneman" and that it would behoove them to contact you for THE FACTS on headers and how they fit in with the indisputable, irrefutable and absolute laws of Nature.  I will be back in touch soon.

Best Regards,

Paul V. Battaglia Milford, NH (permission to use full name granted by Paul)

Recently we received a phone call from a fellow in Arizona who said amongst many things:

           ... I just received your two catalogs and audio tape last Friday.  I read the catalogs and listened to the tape off and on over the past weekend.  In four days, just reading and listening, I learned more about headers than I ever learned over the past seven years drag racing!  I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the information that you are providing.  You made many things that before were quite confusing very clear and also made me realize how important good exhaust system design really is. Thanks. ...

           ... After much anticipation I received your header INFOPAK and have read it cover to cover page for page and listened to your CD twice.  I commend you for such an informative and persuasive compilation.  When I first contacted you I knew I had a problem but I had no idea that it was this bad.  ... Engineering school taught me amongst other things to evaluate all things mechanical as a system, with all components working in an action reaction scenario.  It is because of this that I am not only dumbfounded but quite embarrassed that I have underestimated the importance of a correctly constructed exhaust system.  As I read your literature I started a mental recap of some of the projects that I've done over the years, and wondered how much better I could make them with a set of headers from you, and then when I listened to your CD the flood gates let loose and everything started becoming completely clear as to some of the problems that I am having with this particular project that I am about to describe to you, the most important of which I believe is the lack of tuneability in the engine.  ... I'd like to thank you in advance for your time, and for the education I received from your material.  ... J. B., Sedgwick, ME

Comment in an E-mail after receiving Header Design INFOPAK:

           ... I have to say the tape and corresponding data sheets are excellent !!!!! very worthwhile investment ....... even in Canadian dollars :)

            ... Thanks for the effort you put into that tape ....... I would suggest any performance enthusiast should spend the $$ on it before they buy any header ...     B.W. 

Comment in letters accompanying Header Design Advice Service requests:


           ... Your tape is great!  It is extremely informative and undeniably logical.   L.W.C., JR.  Collegeville, PA


          ... your information kit was outstanding. It should be must reading for everyone involved in engine/car building!!      E.F., Argyle, WI  


           ... The tape was very informational and it explained a 25 year mystery on a header problem that I had with an old truck.      J. I., Sandwich, IL


Comment in an E-mail after receiving Header Design INFOPAK:

           Hi Ed.  I have received your infopak (the kenyan bound package) and I must admit it is an eyeopener for me in many ways, thanks.  I will be shortly be sending you my filled out questionnaire.  ...     N.O.,  Nairobi, Kenya