Photos taken over the years!



Photos from our past, Customer's Cars, Headers Built By Customers, etc.



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Some of the photos shown here will eventually be replaced by those in our Shop Scrapbook. 
Also - if you have been a past customer of HEADERS BY "ED", we would
like to receive pictures/digital images of vehicles our headers or parts have gone on
as well as of headers that have been built from our kits and parts.
Photos will be returned after being scanned.
Digital images must exceed 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels high (the bigger the better)
so that we can crop and resize the images to that required size to fit the space below.
Please tell us if you want us to use your full name or just your initials in the image caption.
We also want to mention your town and state and a few specs on your vehicle:
  your engine;  drag racing class, pulling weight class, etc.;  competition accomplishments (record holder?); 
best times at drag strip;  other forms of use (street use is fine);  anything else you might want to
say or add - whatever we can fit on one line under the image.
Help us eliminate these boring stock images.

Thanks to all of you who respond.

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