PERFORMANCE COMMENTS - Why I Dislike Magazines.


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Magazines:  Talk about the benefits of having a "tuned" header to improve performance but don't talk about how critical tubing lengths are or how important it is to have all of the header tubes equal in length.


Magazines:  Talk about the benefits of scavenging in a header yet don't talk about how critical the selection of tube and collector sizes can be.  They certainly don't talk about the devastating effect of a header that is two tube sizes bigger than ideal (the two tube size error).


Magazines:  Make people think that headers have some basic performance advantage over an exhaust manifold - that ANY header is better than having a manifold.  Not true because design errors that might be present in a header can easily nullify any other advantage it might have over a manifold.


Magazines:  Tests tend to be very idealized - set up to show big gains by selecting engine combinations and header designs that are good matches.  They do NOT present tests where the matches between engine combinations and header designs are grossly in error (again, possibly demonstrating the two tube size error issue) and, therefore, keep their readers ignorant relative to the risks bad header selection brings.



Notes for future comments:


Best header article - never written - would be one that would show guys what happens when some one doesn't pay attention to header design and selects a header that is way too big and how it devastates the bottom end and mid-range power of an engine without giving a gain on top end (obviously comparing to a header that is really well designed).


How many writers have degrees in automotive or mechanical engineering?


How do magazines deal with problems when deadlines are approaching?


No test facilities of their own - always rely on others' facilities - even those owned by the companies whose products they're testing (?).  Whoa!


Magazines are NOT scientific journals!


Magazines have too many articles based on businesses within driving distance!  (One would get the impression that nobody else elsewhere would possibly do the job any better?)


They make too many mistakes - not only in content but simple errors like errors in proofreading (article we were mentioned in where they left out out part of the collector diameter dimension), not measuring things correctly, even guessing at what they saw (because they didn't measure something at all).


Must remain on the "GOOD" side of companies.


Some writing borders on insulting as it is SO BAAAD, that to publish something like that is to assume that the readers are not intelligent enough to recognize what is going on.  Comment on magazine article concerning a comparison of "H" and "X" style balance tubes where they changed the size of the tube from the "X" back to the muffler AND also changed the muffler too?  Also comment on their comments about the engine running rich prior to the change in balance tube designs.


NEVER give individual lengths of header tubes so NOBODY knows how INACCURATE many headers really are!


Sometimes don't even give ANY dimensions of the headers they're using OR make mistakes when they do!